Employee testimonials

Karan Johnson

Nurse Manager, Adolescent Unit

“I want all employees to feel they can come into my office and speak openly and confidentially. I want them to believe we can solve a problem together.

Akron Children’s has the best tuition reimbursement program. And if they’re willing to invest in me, why not invest in myself?

What inspires me as a nurse manager is my team of staff nurses and how dedicated they are. It doesn’t matter how busy we are, they work and continue to work until the job is done.”


Adam Conner

Burn Center Nurse

“Children’s education assistance has helped me tremendously. It makes me feel like I have the opportunity to advance my career. If worked elsewhere, I might not have had that chance.

I love it here. I really can’t picture myself anywhere else.

I’m inspired by the patients. I’m inspired by the employees I work with. And that inspires me to be a better nurse, to reach for goals in my own life and to push my patients toward their goals.”

Megan Fisher


“I remember coming here when I was younger when my little brother was in the NICU. There were a lot of nurses who made it a point to make me feel at home. When I saw how the nurses were acting in the NICU when my little brother was a baby, I wanted to be them. They were what inspired me. I see myself at Akron Children’s for the rest of my life.”

Michael Forbes


“My message to young people who come here is to be fearless. There’s no one in this organization who will not take the time to mentor you.”

Maggie Slavens

NICU – Boardman

“I had a clinical experience in nursing school here, and the nurses on the unit were so enthusiastic and motivating and very inspirational. I also got to see the little perks, like the Doggie Brigade and the superheroes washing windows. I just knew I wanted to be part of a team that put many smiles on kids’ faces. The educational assistance really lightens the burden, which takes a lot of stress off as a full-time master’s student. Akron Children’s is dynamic. The growth I have seen is incredible. I can’t wait to watch the continual progression of the hospital. I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Meghan Smolk

Physical Therapist

“A lot of the positive energy that you feel when you come in here comes from that central mission that we have of treating each child as I would my own.”

Patti Thorp

Community Health Specialist

“Everybody that works here, we work here because of what the mission is. We work here because of what the hospital stands for, and we want to be a part of that.”