Meet our executives

Lisa Aurilio

Chief Operating Officer

"The people who work at Akron Children’s are what set the organization apart. Our employees make a difference in the lives of our patients and families every day, and they don’t hesitate to go above and beyond."

That sentiment comes from our Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Aurilio. Lisa dedicates her time to supporting the patients and families who come through our doors. She works to make sure the many teams operating at the hospital have the best resources possible to provide the excellent care they're known for.

It's a job that can bring a lot of a joy, and it's the people she works with who keep her coming back each and every day.

Read Lisa’s story and find out how the people of Akron Children's have made an impact on her life and on her career.

Rhonda Larimore

Chief Human Resources Officer

Whether she's rappelling off cliffs, skydiving or fishing for sharks, our Chief Human Resources Officer Rhonda Larimore is a daredevil. She brings that fearless attitude and bold ideas into her work every day at Akron Children's.

Some of those bold ideas? Creating ways to help employees balance multiple responsibilities and changing mindsets about working at home and flexible hours.

"It's easy here to make a difference. At Children’s, I find that leaders and employees are open to feedback because they realize it’s to help us be better."

At Akron Children's, you're not here to be average; you're here to be awesome. Read how Rhonda is the living embodiment of that mantra.

Dr. Rob McGregor

Chief Medical Officer

"Every individual brings a valuable and often different perspective to the table. If we aren’t engaging our teams, we won’t be as good as we can be."

For Akron Children's Chief Medical Officer, teamwork makes the dream work. Dr. Rob McGregor has been caring for people since his first job as a waiter in an ice cream specialty restaurant. These days Dr. Rob McGregor embraces his role of representing our medical staff on Children's leadership team by bringing the best people to the table, while still ensuring he devotes time to his family and his special passion, cycling.

Learn more about how Dr. McGregor bring decades of experience to his role at Akron Children's.

Chris Young

Chief of Hospital-Based Services and Chief Nursing Officer

Where is the happiest place on Earth? For Chris Young, her work at Akron Children’s Hospital is second only to Disney World. And just as Disney takes care of its guests, Chris devotes her time to looking after each patient and team member who comes through our doors.

Chris likes to stay busy. She's certified as a Nurse Executive-Advanced through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, is a board member of the Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives and even serves on the board of the Girls Scouts of Northeast Ohio. In 2017, she was the recipient of the March of Dimes Excellence in NICU Leadership Award.

Her favorite part about her role? All the opportunities for professional development and growth. "We are never satisfied with the status quo. We are always looking for ways to improve our practices and processes."

Read more about the magic Chris brings to her team

Dr. Michael Bigham

Chief Quality Officer

"There are special people here at Akron Children’s – some are here after spending time as students or trainees and fell in love with the mission and the culture. Others come from other health care and non-health care roles – for the same – the culture and people. Many more have been here for decades. I am proud of my co-workers and my work family who share the same commitment."

Chief Quality Officer Dr. Michael Bigham's passion for health care began at an early age. During summers when he was a kid, he used to ride his bike to the hospital where his mom worked to have lunch with her. It was there he learned what it meant to spend your days in the service of caring for others.

His work at Akron Children's humbles him, especially the fact that parents trust him and everyone at the hospital with the thing they value most in life – their child.

Read more about a career unlike any other.