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The Food Service Worker assembles ingredients for production of kitchen carts and patient meal trays and serves food according to portions on recipes, as well as inventory, stock, label, tray, and safety and sanitation duties.

1. Assembles patient meal trays and serves food in retail according to portions on recipes.

2. Cleans and sanitizes all equipment, dishes, trays, and utensils and keeps work area neat.

3. Delivers/assembles stock items and patient trays.

4. Keeps logs, temperatures and records for HACCP.

5. Utilizes equipment and kitchen skills for preparation of items for cafeteria, catering, and patients.

6. Handles customer requests and concerns as able.

7. Picks up dirty trays according to schedule.

8. Inventories and stocks floors/requests based on par levels, census, and inventory forms.

9. Notifies supervisor of any needed repairs or issues with equipment and communicates customer issues/concerns to supervisor.

10. Prepares food for all areas of Department including meat, seafood, produce.

11. Cleans produce and poultry; prepares sandwiches and fillings daily; assembles carts for production according to production sheets or labels.

12. Other duties as required.

Other information:

Technical Expertise

  1. Experience in Food Service is preferred.
  2. Experience in hazard analysis critical control point is preferred.
  3. Experience in short order cooking, preparation for room service such as restaurants, other hospital room service experience is preferred.
  4. Customer Service Experience in preferred.
  5. Proficiency in MS Office [Outlook, Excel, Word] or similar software is required.

Education and Experience

  1. Certification: ServSafe is preferred.
  2. Years of relevant experience: 0 to 2 years is preferred.
  3.  Years of experience supervising: None.

Full Time

FTE: 1.000000

Status: Onsite

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