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It's daily opportunities to make an impact and a friend.


Nursing at Akron Children’s

At Akron Children’s Hospital, careers in nursing feel different. It’s being bedside with a smile. Feeling the support of a true work family. Healing, while giving hope.

What makes it all possible

When you care for a patient as you would your own child, extraordinary things happen.

Here, futures are in your hands. The impact you make is felt on a daily basis, face-to-face, by children and their families. You do much more than treat patients. You get to know them, so interactions mean more.

At Akron Children’s, you become a nurse who brings specialized skills and a secret handshake. A dedication to compassionate interactions and to knowing a favorite princess.

As the individual your patients come to recognize, rely on and smile at, you go beyond the title of nurse.

Because this is more than a job. It’s what you were meant to do.

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How nurses make a difference

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Karan Johnson

Nurse Manager, Summa NICU

“I want all employees to feel they can come into my office and speak openly and confidentially. I want them to believe we can solve a problem together.

Akron Children’s has the best tuition reimbursement program. And if they’re willing to invest in me, why not invest in myself?

What inspires me as a nurse manager is my team of staff nurses and how dedicated they are. It doesn’t matter how busy we are, they work and continue to work until the job is done.”