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Job Requisition Number 21063


24 Hours Per Week 



The Culinary Associate serves and prepares food for retail, patients, Breastfeeding Mothers (BFM), Guest Trays and catering.


1. Serves and prepares food for retail, patients, BFM, Guest Trays and catering.
2. Receives diet orders and assembles special diets checking with Diet Assistant or Registered Dietitian as needed.
3. Receives deliveries, transports food carts/products and puts away stock.
4. Fills orders for nourishment stations.
5. Rotates inventories.
6. Processes monies/charges for food items sold in retail with other duties and assignments as needed in facility.
7. Works as a part of a team, helping co-workers during busy times to improve workflow and customer service.
8. Follows Health Department guidelines for safe food handling and sanitation.
9. May prepare baby formulas, tube feedings, and fortify breastmilk as ordered at Beeghly Campus in MV.
10. Organizes and processes diet orders. Performs clerical functions. Delivers patient trays/carts/catering food/nourishments.
11. Prepares food items using standardized recipes and portion control guidelines.
12. Follows standards of sanitation and safety in food handling according to HACCP guidelines.
13. Maintains cleanliness of the work area.
14. Receives and stores deliveries.
15. Other duties as required.

Other information:

Technical Expertise

1. Experience in customer service is preferred.

2. Experience in hazard analysis critical control point is preferred.

3. Experience in institutional or restaurant cooking is preferred.

4. Experience as a cashier is preferred.

5. Experience in healthcare is preferred.

6. Proficiency in MS Office [Outlook, Excel, Word] or similar software is required. Proficiency in POS software is preferred.

Education and Experience

1. Certification: ServSafe is preferred.

2. Years of relevant experience: 0 to 2 years is preferred.

3. Years of experience supervising: None.

Part Time

FTE: 0.600000

Status: Onsite

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