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Job Requisition Number 17190


20 Hours/Week

Variable Schedule, Including Evenings/Weekends



Facilitates the strength and conditioning training of athletes. Assists with the development of exercise routines and nutritional intake, exercise supervision, tracking athlete progress and adjusting exercise plans accordingly, the Strength and Conditioning Coach both designs and implements full-scale fitness programs. Works with the head coaches to design training programs that revolve around strength, conditioning and weight training geared toward specific sports. Provides written documentation according to departmental standards. Works with and provides guidance to students and unlicensed personnel. Seeks educational opportunities to further professional development. Fosters enhanced awareness/understanding of athletic training, sports medicine, and clinic/hospital programs to the department, hospital, schools and other community organizations. Participates in departmental research and educational programs.


    • Observe training, practice, and performance and use their observations in conjunction with athlete records to assess strengths and weaknesses and design programs accordingly.
    • Maintains detailed, accurate and updated athlete records in order to track athlete progress.
    • Must communicate this information with coaches and use athlete data in order to assess training programs for effectiveness.
    • Designs and performs baseline tests to assess the skills and weaknesses of each individual athlete.
    • Strives to maintain highest quality of care through communication with other disciplines/facilities.
    • Maintains open and direct communication with coaches, and other health care professionals regarding exercise routine, coordination of services and other family needs as necessary.
    • Works cooperatively as a member of a multi-disciplinary team.
    • Discusses family's/patient's goals for exercise routines.
    • Explains routines clearly and concisely.
    • Educates patient/family regarding patient's functional disability and provides instruction for appropriate home.
    • Promotes further education and highest level of quality of care through observation, demonstration, co-treatment, written educational materials and feedback sessions.
    • Meets student aides weekly to give feedback on skills and schedule.
    • Provides a formal written schedule and educational material to students for the duration of the internship.
    • Evaluates students at midterm and final on a formal written basis.
    • Coordinates schedule of students for observation, opportunities, surgeries, films and other staff/disciplines on behalf of the student.
    • Promotes a good professional model for student for recruitment purposes.
    • Orients, supervises and assists unlicensed personnel and volunteers as needed.
    • Uses professional skills and knowledge to educate and positively impact the community.
    • Provide workshops, seminars coaches clinics to department, hospital, schools or community agencies in area of expertise as needed.
    • Other duties as required.

Other information:

Technical Expertise

    • Experience working with all levels within an organization is preferred.
    • Experience in healthcare is preferred.
    • Proficiency in MS Office [Outlook, Excel, Word] or similar software is required.

Education and Experience

    • Education: Bachelor of Science – Exercise Science or related degree
    • Certification: Personal Trainer or CSCS certification in one of the following organizations – NASM, ACSM, NSCA, or ACE
    • Current certification in Basic Life Support training from the American Heart Associate required.
    • Years of experience: 3 to 5 years is preferred.
    • Years of experience supervising: None

Part Time

FTE: 0.500000

Status: {lpl:JobRequisition. ReqRemoteWorkerACH}

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