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Job Requisition Number 17174

Full Time, 36 Hours/Week

5am to 5pm


The Transport Communication Specialist acts as a liaison and coordinates patients referred, either ground or air, for the departments of Pediatrics, Emergency Services, Transport Services, Trauma Services, Burn Center, Neonatology and the EMS system to ACH and will perform under written protocols.

1. Acts as a liaison and coordinates patient transports by ground or air, as well as processing referrals for the departments of Pediatrics, Emergency Services, Trauma Services, Burn Center, Neonatology, Acute Care and Pediatric Intensive Care in addition to EMS transports to ACH under written protocols.

2. Operates various communication equipment, maintain required documentation related to patient referrals and follow up to the referring institution/service.

3. Oversees all ground and rotor-wing transports performed by the Akron Children’s transport team and monitors the transport exclusively for position, weather and other situations which may impact the effectiveness and/or safety of the crew transporting by air or ground units.

4. Participates in periodic review of the centers operations as well as maintaining statistic and performing performance improvement/quality assurance tracking designed to systematically and continuously monitor, assess and improve the quality of the communication center’s operations.

5. Other duties as required.

Other information:
Technical Expertise
1. Experience with medical terminology is required.

2. Experience in state and local EMS regulations is required.

3. Experience in computer data entry is preferred.

4. Experience in aviation/meteorology is preferred.

5. Experience working with all levels within an organization is required.

6. Experience in healthcare is preferred.

7. Proficiency in MS Office [Outlook, Excel, Word] or similar software is required. Electronic health record software used for inpatient care and specialized electronic health record software used for transport is preferred.

Education and Experience
1. Education: High School diploma is required / degree preferred.

2. Certification: Paramedic licensure is required.

3. Years of relevant experience: 1 to 2 years is preferred.

4. Years of experience supervising: None.

Full Time

FTE: 0.900000

Status: {lpl:JobRequisition. ReqRemoteWorkerACH}

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